Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Rickshaw Ride, Beer and Cigar In Hand

Charleston, SC, is a great town with a wonderful nightlife. You can't beat the range of restaurants, bars, stores, hotels and magnificent homes downtown.

Last night I took a bike rickshaw ride around the downtown and the Battery.

I'm willing to bet that Joey, the young man doing the pedalling, has the cardiovascular system of a deer. Saturday night he pedalled 98 miles; he checked it with a bike odometer.

Needless to say, he was sweatin'. I wasn't.

Also needless to say, he does not need to try and find ways to put movement into his day.

Think about this; If you walk up stairs 6 minutes a day it cuts your heart attack risk by 15%. The mayor of Denver is hammering his employees to walk stairs instead of taking elevators. He's finding that the more his folks move the lower his healthcare costs are.

What simple steps can you take (pun intended) to put more movement into your day?

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