Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Positive Ain't Just for Pollyanna

We've all read books that changed our lives.

In fact, there's a book titled, You've Got to Read This Book!, about that very phenomenon.

I'm reading Positivity by Barbara Frederickson and it's changing how I look at so many issues in life.

Frederickson is a professor at UNC-Chapel Hill and her focus is how positivity affects our lives, communities and the world. Positivity refers to the processes and actions of bringing positive thought and feeling into your life and how it affects a range of issues.

Her research is showing that positivity has an impact on everything from how you feel about yourself, your spouse or significant other, to your friends and even strangers.

Her results are not based on some Pollyanna solution to the ills of the world. They're based on hardcore research with stunning results.

Here's one simple topic: Frederickson is finding that positivity vs negativity broadens the mind. Her findings show that people who go into negotiation sessions (whether in personal or business relationships)create better outcomes, better deals. So, positivity can be seen as being more profitable than being hardnosed, negative and penny-pinching.

For the rest of this week I'll offer some of Frederickson's findings.


Because she's found that by spreading positivity others are more positive...for themselves and others...and that leads to more positivity...which leads to...

Try this: Think of a time in which things were going right for you. When were you happy and positive? Dwell on the thought for a moment. Get the feeling...now, turn your thoughts to a challenge you face. What you will probably find is that you see a broader view of the problem, or, you at least see it from a less negative viewpoint.

And, get the book. It'll change your outlook in a rainbow of ways.

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