Monday, March 31, 2014

A Tornado Jumped Over My House

On Saturday evening my television and phone went crazy! Lots of alerts about the possibility of a tornado heading my way.

I noticed a lot of wind and rain so I went outside on the covered patio to experience it. I know, I know, but standing out there with a cigar and a cold beer was great!

On Sunday my neighbor (who had been sheltering in their bathroom) came over and said, “Oh yeah, you know that the tornado jumped over our neighborhood, right?”

Say what?

I asked, “So, when it was raining sideways and the big pine trees were leaning about half-way to horizontal, that was when the tornado was right overhead?”


Well….ahem…I guess the person who just broke up with me was wrong. She alluded to the fact…no…she may have actually said that sometimes I was just evil. But, if I was evil there’s a possibility that Tommy Tornado would have grabbed me up and deposited me somewhere out near Duck, North Carolina. You know, just kind of a karmic thing to set the world straight.

Yes, I’m being silly and serious at the same time.

In life we are often lucky and unlucky at the same time. For little reason at all…and, too often, for no reason that we can lay claim to…good fortune and/or bad fortune simply jumps over us.

There’s no rhyme or reason, it just moves on by. Sometimes we know about it, like my alerts; sometimes we don’t, so we don’t realize we could have been helped or hurt.

But, here’s the deal…it’s happening all the time. Every day an idea, opportunity (good or bad) or person comes close to us. If we aren’t open and receptive—or, at least careful—we miss it. 

And, while it isn’t fun to have the negative stuff land on us there’s no telling how much good in life we miss simply because we have our eyes on the ground and our minds and hearts closed.

Open up, look around, listen and watch for the alerts…they’re out there.

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