Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm Sorry for Being a Jerk

The last two months have been the most stressful of my life. I know things might get more difficult in the future, but I’ve never encountered challenges as difficult as those in the last two months.

The stress created by events of the time have caused me to act in ways that I’m not proud of. A week ago I snapped at a guy in a store when he wouldn’t stay focused on a task I’d given him. When I do something like that it’s my sign that I’ve gotten too much on edge.

So, yesterday I went back and apologized to him. While I didn’t go into details about the why of the event I simply said that I was sorry for being a jerk. He was cool with it, we shook hands and I walked away.

Now, he’ll probably remember that guy who acted like a jerk but I’m hoping he’ll also remember that the guy came back and apologized and tried to smooth it over.

If he has a similar situation in life I hope he does the same.

We all have bump-ups in life. What do you do? Do you let them sit and fester or do you try to find a solution and smooth them over so you don’t fall in that hole again?

One of the keys, though, is to not believe your willingness to say you’re sorry gives you license to be a jerk any time you get the urge.


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