Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Happy Truck Ringing Down the Street

I’ve often said in this space that life sends us messages and if we’ll pay  attention to them life usually goes smoother, we’re more accomplished and our personal happy truck comes down the street ringing the bell more often.

Recently, the message Let Go has been hammering me from a variety of different directions and I believe it’s applying to a number of areas of life relating to habits, situations, ways of thinking and opportunities.

Am I listening?

Not very well. In fact, I'm waking up in the middle of the night fighting the messages.

We hear, see and feel the messages but are reluctant to follow because doing so will lead to change. And, as the great, South Florida philosopher, Victor Perez—a Tony Robbins fan—might say, “we fight too hard to stay with the pain instead of reaching for the pleasure.”

The crazy thing is that as humans we often prefer the reality of pain to the possibility of pleasure.

We need to realize that whatever the source of the message—you can call it God, or Spirit or Life or Ralph—it’s probably a lot smarter than we are; so we might want to pay attention.

There’s some message you’re seeing, hearing and feeling. What is it? Is it time to pay attention to it?

Let’s be honest; you’d like to see the happy truck come ringing down the street again, wouldn’t you?

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