Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Orange Heads and Shrimp Feet

“Good morning, class! Today we’re going to explore a couple of new, exciting and useful words.”


(Tommy) “But, Mr. Collins! The world is going down the tubes! Carolina lost last night and we have Duke coming into Chapel Hill on Tuesday! And, the smartest people in the world, accountants and movie stars, can’t even get a simple envelope exchange done right! And, worst of all, someone from Clemson is president of the United States!!!”

“Tommy, I’m a little lost on that last one.”

(Tommy) “The orange bobble head guy!!!! I’m telling you, the world is horrible and hateful and we’re all gonna die!!!”

“Oh. Well, Tommy thank you for that current events update. In fact, you’ve led us to our lesson today.”

“Class, Tommy has exhibited a wonderful example of paranoia. It’s a medical condition characterized by delusions of persecution and a fear of impending doom.”

“Today, let’s look at two words, neologism and pronoia.

Neoligism means a new word of phrase, which pronoia is. Pronoia is defined as the opposite state of mind to paranoia. It means having the sense that there is a conspiracy that exists to help the person, that life wants you to succeed and will help you.”

“Some people believe the world—life—is set up to help them have the life they want and be the person they want to be. Not without work, you understand, but they believe life is on our sides.”

“Tommy, what would you think about that?”

(Tommy) “I hate Clemson.”

“Fine. Tommy please go see Nurse Comer about your meds.”

“Class, what would your day and your life be like if you assumed, every morning when you get up, that things were going to work out your way? You would know that you’d do your part to create the life you want, but you’d also understand there are no forces out there that are automatically or naturally against you. That life wants you to succeed and will help you.”

(Carol) “Mr. Collins, Tommy just took off his shoes and it smells like shrimp back here.”

“Thank you, Carol. I’m sure life has a wonderfully positive reason for offering this experience. Class dismissed!!”

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Let There Be Light

"No matter how long a room has been darkened, the entrance of light instantly illuminates it."
Ernest Holmes

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Best Advice

In December, I attended a party for the daughter of a friend. The young woman graduated from UNC-G and, as you can imagine, her mother and all concerned were delighted.

One of the guests brought an interesting activity. Each of the other guests was given an “Advice for the Graduate” sheet and asked to fill it in. Any and all of the advice would be valuable to any graduate…or anyone, at various times of life. 

Here it is:
Be ready to___________________________
Never forget to ________________________
Be open to ____________________________
Prepare for ____________________________
Always remember to ____________________
Don’t allow yourself to __________________
Focus on ______________________________
Don’t be afraid to _______________________
Always keep ___________________________
Always think ___________________________

Take just a moment and fill in the blanks for yourself.

PS…except for “Don’t allow yourself to,” the word “Love” is wonderfully fitting for all the blanks. 

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

See, I told ya....

Was delighted and dismayed to see an article in the Sunday paper backing up my last blog; the one about people lifting all the soap, shampoo and toilet paper from hotel rooms.

In fact, the article talked about some types of low-rent theft I had not thought about; like grabbing handfulls of condiments you don't need at the fast food place.

Recently, I saw a posting on FB about a customer ordering a small coffee with 10 creams and 10 sugars...you decide.

I'll be the first to agree there's big theft and little theft...but, it seems to me that the little thefts say just as much about the person's character.

Granted, I'm not one to be casting the first stone...about ANYTHING....but it seems silly and low-rent.