Monday, December 17, 2018

Trip and Tumble, or Take It In Stride

You know, on those weight/height charts I’m either waaaay too heavy or I should be 6’3”. In fact, I tell people that my body looks like what someone who goes to the gym 4-5 times a week, but is also the poster boy for Golden Corral buffets, looks like. ‘Cause that’s me, right?
So you understand right away that I’m not saying I’m an Olympic athlete—although I think I’d look great in one of those skin-tight suits, but that’s another story.
However, on Saturday night, once again, going to the gym on a regular basis saved me. 
I was helping a friend get settled into her new condo and when I stepped off the first step of a flight of stairs I tripped.
Now, let me set the stage…this was not one of those, “Ooops, I scuffed my shoe” kinds of trips. This was an upper body pitches forward, there’s only a small handrail but it’s out of reach and I’m looking at the landing about 10 steps down kind of trip. This was a double-trip. A trip on the stairs and a trip to the ER.
However, I was able to hop off the top step, turn in the air and land on the second step. In an instant. Whew!!
I stood there for a second and did what you would do; said a little Thank You! prayer, turned and looked at the remaining 8 steps and the landing, and then simply shook my head in amazement. 
Later, while lying in bed in what, yes, was a moment of self-congratulations, I thought about my instant, automatic reaction. I realized there are a ton of folks my age and younger who would have been lying in the ER with a cast on an ankle, at least.
I was not in that condition because I try and stay active; gym time, biking, walking, some swimming and stretching. No running, though. If you ever see me running look behind me. There will be something bigger and meaner than me chasing me!
My whole point here is that there are moments in all our lives at which the physical life we lead either helps us win…or fails us. 
I’m for winning. Stretch a little and take a walk today.

And, watch out for the stairs.