Friday, January 25, 2019

If you love books the picture jumped out at you...if you don't you might like online connections to great reading material.

Recently, someone asked me about good books to read to have a better life. Thought you might find them interesting so here's what I sent:

Here are five books that would be great to read. They are all relatively short, easy to read,  and would prompt wonderful discussions:

The Dip….Seth Godin’s small book is the best book about change anyone has seen in the last few years.

As a Man Thinketh…by James Allen…published in 1903, while the title comes from a proverb this is not a religious book. It has long been considered a cornerstone of the positive thought philosophy.

Uncommon Genius….this is a REALLY COOL BOOK!!!! It’s about the MacArthur Award, considered the Genius Award (when you win it you get $500,000 to do whatever you want with)…it’s about ideas and how we get them….the thing I love about this book is it touches on 40 of the MacArthur Award winners and so many of them have life stories that are absolutely no different than ours.

The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude…Jeffrey Gitomer…Gitomer is from Charlotte so he’s a homeboy….he’s also one of the the top sales trainers in the country right now…this is one of those “pick it up and read any page” kinds of books…

Positivity…by Barbara Frederickson…Frederickson teaches at UNC Chapel Hill…this is one of the newer, and most important, books in the positive thought movement. 

The First 30 Days….Ariane de Bonvoisin…a final book about dealing with change…I like this book because it has a TON of very practical ideas

Finally, The Alchemist….this is a novel by Paulo Coelho…it’s a story of growth…it follows a young man who wants to figure out what his purpose is (that sounds really boring, but the novel is not) it would prompt a lot of thought and conversation about where people are going and what place work has in their lives

All these are pretty easy reads. As you can tell by my descriptions they deal a lot with change and the role of positivity in growth and personal evolution.

PS…obviously, I can’t leave out my book,  The Perfect Workday Book…tons of practical tips on having a better workday and’s available as an ebook on Amazon for only $2.99...…if folks don’t have the Kindle app, the app is free to download...