Monday, May 20, 2019

Ridin' and Learnin'

What are you listening to as you drive? I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s so important I’m bringing it up again. We spend sooo much time in our vehicles it’s crazy not to spend that time more profitably. Music is fine some of the time, but I’m betting your system would allow you to listen to informational/educational videos on Thumbs down on talk radio, it makes us crazy. Listen to something that makes life bigger, better and more profitable. And be safe, don’t fool with your phone while driving.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Drunk By 7

A friend said about a mutual acquaintance, “You’d better call before 7 pm ‘cause he’ll be drunk by 7.”  

Now, your reaction to that revelation probably ranged from outright laughter to a sad shake of the head.

However, if you were going to connect with our friend the tippler the tidbit above would be good to know. 

Years ago, I worked with a sales professional who kept a cheat sheet on his clients. The notes included birthdays, family connections, hobbies and trivia such as their favorite cocktail or recreational activity. The information helped him connect in positive—and profitable—ways.

My colleague learned the strategy while reading Harvey McKay’s, Swim With the Sharks. 

McKay, owner of McKay Envelope Company in Minneapolis, and author of other business classics, asked his salespeople to fill out a 51-question form on each of their clients. The form included questions ranging from spouses’ and pets’ names to who their favorite sports teams were. 

McKay believed that learning more about clients than simply who could sign a check helped his salespeople connect more closely. The closer connections lowered communications barriers and resulted in business relationships that developed into friendships or, at least, closer acquaintanceships.

How well do you know the people with whom you work, associate and live?

By the way…what’s your best friend’s favorite color?

Friday, May 3, 2019

Change Agents?

How many of you have a relative who, at family functions, stirs things up, creates challenges and then exits, leaving everyone to clean up the mess? 

It’s like that in our work lives. There are folks who bill themselves as Change Agents and promise to “shake things up” and “challenge the status quo” and “set a new direction.” 

That’s great! 

We all fall into ruts and need to move to new frontiers. 

However, if the Change Agents don’t also bring practical steps to moving in the new direction you should beware. 

Ask them, “What are 3 simple, doable actions that move us in the new direction?” 

If they have the 3 that’s GREAT! If not…well…