Saturday, June 29, 2019


Got a haircut yesterday and my barber schooled me.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the slang word, schooled. It means to be taught something in an embarrassing way.

My barber, Chris, is a good guy, laid-back, and has been my barber for years. Yesterday, we were comparing notes on the summer. 

Chris said he had only a few plans and asked what I had coming up.

I said, “Not much going on. Might go to the beach. But, I’ve got a book I’m writing that I’ve just got to finish.”

At this point I was schooled: Chris said, “Oh yeah, you told me about that.”

Now, I only see Chris every 3 weeks, or so, and it takes about as long to cut my hair as it does to eat a reasonably decent cheeseburger. So, if Chris can remember sayingI had to finish a book and I only see him every 3 weeks I’ve probably said something about the book a couple of times. 

In other words, I’ve shot my mouth off about it and have done very little.

Simple. Seven words. “Oh yeah, you told me about that.”


Wisdom—true wisdom—is stunningly valuable. As such, we should take wisdom anywhere we find it. 

Thanks, Chris. I’ll finish the book by the next time I see you.

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  1. glad to hear you are working on one of the books you told me about. keep on....