Friday, June 28, 2019

Just Get Me to 5 O'clock

I’m sure you’ve had one of these days.

Have a 10 am meeting so I’m up and at’em.

Get in the car and the tire light is on. Get out and check and, sure enough, one of the rear tires is almost flat. Nearest air pump is at a local convenience store so I take off. 

Realize on the way that I have no cash for the air machine. But, YES! the machine takes an ATM card! Fill tire so it’s good. I’m rolling.

Make a stop and need the ATM card. Nowhere to be found. Search throughout the car and even call some friends and tell them to look out for my card. 

Than, I realize I left it in the air machine!

Get back in the car and the tire light is on again!

Call my meeting friend and we reschedule.

Head to my local BB&T and Allison, the welcomer, couldn’t have been nicer. Temporary ATM card and am now at the tire place getting the tire checked.

And, it is not even 10 am.

This is one of those days on which you thank God, in all Her wisdom, that today is Friday.

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