Monday, July 29, 2019

I Don't Want to Grow Up...But....

If you were to talk to some of my best friends they would tell you that I have resisted being a grown-up most of my life. 

And, in many ways--good and not-so-good--I've succeeded; at least from outward appearances.

It seems, though, that we are moving through a time in which even the folks who are supposed to be the grown-ups in the room are acting out. 

In a recent interview, Gayle King of CBS This Morning, said, “The world seems upside down. We are encouraged to be our worst selves. In all levels."

Remember the homecoming parade in the wonderful movie, Animal House? One of the best scenes was when one of the Delta Fraternity guys led the Faber College band down a blind alley.

We are moving through one of those times in America when the folks at the front of the parade aren't leading us where we need to go.

So, if the grown-ups aren't going to act grown-up, what do we do?

Gayle King added, "We need to start holding it down, individually.”

And yes, I hate it! I've spent more than 4 decades perfecting my I'm not a grown-up act.

But, the outcome we are looking at--think again of the Faber College band in the alley--is not something any of us want.

So, here's our first contribution: You and I can do/talk/think something positive. When folks start down the negativity road we are hearing in conversations, seeing on television and online, and feeling in many situations, ask, "What is something good that is happening?"

I know it sounds trite. And, I know there will be some people who talk about the negative as if it is a good thing, but we need to bring them back to the positive. 

Remember, in some of our darkest days the real grown-ups--Lincoln, Roosevelt, King--focused on the future and the positive. 

It seems that we all need to step out and be grown-ups. 

If I'm willing to do it, you certainly can.


  1. Excellent read. Good sound advice indeed. However I do find that today challenges us in so many ways. It is not normal times and therefore I find it hard to navigate the constant “what is the correct response “. I feel the dysfunction of our great nation is like living in a dysfunctional family. Everyday is a challenge, because there is no normal. It causes the lines to blur, change, disappear, or become tangled. We all desperately want to survive this time of chaos, and yet we are constantly reminded we might not. I find this heightened bombardment overloads our minds, thus making our responses more spontaneous rather than the usual normal. I know there has to be a path to follow to the light, but the tunnel feels like you have to punch your way out sometimes. It helps to be reminded of being the adult in the room, I just wish there more adults in the room with me����.

  2. Here is something positive in the same vein, hope you like the quote...