Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The 4th Is Over! What's Next?

We’ve all been in jobs in which we were asked to provide annual projections, sometimes 36-months forecasts. 

Long-range corporate planning needs those guesstimates but, from a practical standpoint, I’ve always been more focused and worked with more urgency looking at shorter horizons. 

I use holidays. 

Last weekend’s July 4th holiday signaled the middle of summer; next up, Labor Day. 

I can stay more focused and get a lot done if I'm staring down the barrel of 6-7 weeks instead of 12 months. 

Then, Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year—Easter—Memorial Day. 

From a practical standpoint, what if you looked at the year in chunks from 6-7 weeks to 3 months? 

And yes, if it works better for you to look at the year and break it up into chunks like that then go right ahead. 

Whatever works for you, works for you.

Have a great summer....and get those used fireworks stems out of the front yard...the neighbors were watching.

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