Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Removing the Cobwebs


        My friend, Lily, lives in a place surrounded by wonderfully big trees. The shade is comforting and calming. The wind and rain often turn the forest into an orchestra creating symphonies that are joyful and scary at the same time.

However, the shade and moisture encourage the local spider population to weave cobwebs like politicians spreading conspiracy theories; they are anywhere and everywhere.

So, Lily bought a “Webster” web remover. It’s a brush on the end of a telescoping handle. Cost about $12 (they range from $12-50) and took about 30 seconds to put together. It took about 3 minutes to clear out her cobwebs and those of her next-door neighbor.

Here’s my point: We all have cobwebs in our lives; those clinging, grasping entanglements—mental and physical—that keep us from moving ahead, from making progress, from being who we know we can be. 

Would you spend $12 to be free of some of those infernal frictions? Freedom might be as close as standing up for yourself, changing your mind/attitudes, going for a walk, turning off the TV or Facebook, or paying some bills. 

And yes, sweeping away those cobwebs might cost more than $12 or $50, but how proud would you be to stand in front of your door or your mirror and say, “Yep, I that’s my place!”?


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