Monday, January 4, 2021

10 Ways to Have a Great '21


Monday, January 4, 2021

If you celebrated the New Year throughout this past weekend…as I did…you awoke this morning knowing that today is the first real day of 2021.

So, are you planning on ’21 being any different than ’20?

Obviously, there are some things that will bring change: Fewer ludicrous tweets from the White House and, hopefully, a return to some sense of societal normalcy as the vaccine is produced and distributed.

But, how will this year be different for you? What will this be “The Year of ________” for you?

C’mon, you can do it, ‘fess up. You know you’ve been thinking about the resolution thing. Most studies about New Year’s resolutions say 80% of the population makes a promise to themselves about how they’ll change something this year and the vast majority forget or break the promise by the end of February.

I can’t tell you how many folks I’ve told about being a gym rat and the fact that we call the big jump in new faces in January, “Resolution Rangers.” The parking lot will settle down in February.

If you truly want your life to be better on Monday, January 3, 2022, try any of these:

  1. Commit to a theme. For you, what will this be the year of…Health, Finance, Career, Family, Spirit, Community, Romance, Learning? Pick one, and be specific in that area. Then, come up with a simple plan.
  2. Stop doing some things. Just for the fun of it, come up with a list of 3-5 things you’ll stop doing this year. Make’em easy, better chance of your really doing them.
  3. Neglect some things. You know those things you worry about? Neglect some of them and see what happens. Maybe they didn’t matter at all. You’ll be surprised. I promise. And, for you smartasses who immediately said, “Well, I can’t neglect paying my bills!” I say, “Take one hour to look over your bank statement and…”
  4. Simplify, simplify, simplify. If The Rona has taught us anything it’s what we can do without. Give stuff away, donate it, throw it out, pass it along. Someone needs what you don’t.
  5. Cut some people out of your life. Yep. The Negative Nellies, the Conspiracy Cowboys, the Facebook Follies. Zip. Gone. See ya, and wouldn’t wanna be ya! You’ll thank me, I promise. I cut a couple of folks from the team at the end of ’20 and I ain’t missin’ them.
  6. Reconnect. Who are two people from your past you’d like to reconnect with. Take the time to do it. I rarely use the phrase “truly blessed,” but this year I’ve reconnected with two wonderful high school pals, Laurie and Anne, stunningly intelligent, and they were two of the delights of my ’20.
  7. Move. You don’t have to hammer it in the gym or run a marathon, but if you can’t get off your keister and move around for 30 minutes a day you’re a sadder sack than I thought. Invest in Audible and/or Masterclass, get some cheap earbuds for your phone and make yourself fitter, smarter and more entertained by listening to a book while you move, which leads to…
  8. Learn something new. Check out Dr. Sonjay Gupta’s book, Keep Sharp. Learning helps our brains and our brains define our lives. Take advantage of Youtube, Pinterest, (one of my best, cheapest indulgences) and other sites.
  9. Ask for, and offer, help. The Rona has isolated so many of us in a variety of ways. The isolation is killing some of us. Look back over this list and find an area you’d like to know more about. Find someone who knows something about that topic and ask for a few minutes. You’ll be surprised. Now, look inside and ask, “What do I have to offer?” and then ask, “Who might need what I have/know?” This is a great way to stay get and stay connected.
  10. Take Action. Newton's first law states that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force. Do something. Sixty seconds from now, when you’ve finished reading this, find something in your home/office and move it to a new place. Simply changing your environment a little can often inspire a lot.

Good luck! 

And, have a great ’21!!!

PS: I had my first win of the year this morning before 8 am. Wrote a check and got the date right! Wouldn’t you love to have a dollar for every person who writes “2020” on a check today?

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